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Utilizing New Web site "Brandyourself.com" to Promote Positive Image

There are so many ways that companies can look bad these days with their online profiles and especially employees of companies with their questionable personal profiles. In fact, there has been quite a bit of unnerving hype lately about what people see when they visit social media profiles and such and the only thing you can really do about that is research how to form the online persona that you want professional contacts to see.
According to a Mashable infographic, 91 percent of recruiters check social networking profiles to screen candidates and 76 percent of those searches are on Facebook, so it may be wise to make sure your Facebook profile go to the bottom of your list along with the other online persona precautions you should be taking.
What if there was a way to at least control what shows up first when a Google search is done on your name? Brandyourself.com, which just recently launched is helping people to do just that!
How the website works is that it allows you to choose links you want to “boost” such as your personal Facebook page. It assigns Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to the links you have chosen which will make them appear first in Google search results. You may choose three links to do this with for free, or pay just $10 per month and choose as many links as you would like. You can link together all of your links on your Brandyourself profile page, which is important to how Google ranks pages. The more you add, the more of the stuff you want people will see will pop up for them to sift through in a search before getting to anything else you may not want them to get to. Note: If there is something you do not want them to get to, make every effort to have it expunged from the World Wide Web.
Now that the website has launched, let’s look at some ways you can promote a positive brand image:
1. There are some really great amenities to Brandyourself so that you can see your results! The company states that 80 percent of the links you keep in your Brandyourself profile will show up as the top raking search results on you within two weeks of registering with them. Also, according to their website, you can use your profile to figure out when people find you online. You can see if you were Googled more after a job interview for instance.
2. It is just for people to optimize how they are seen by others. Brandyourself is not geared towards companies but can influence how recruiters at companies see you. They have done this because business has more complex needs and they wanted to create a simple effective solution that anybody can use. That’s not to say that a small business could absolutely not use it though. It will let you see the same things for a small business that you can for a person.
3. No “black hat techniques are used. Brandyourself only uses ethical ways of utilizing SEO to help you achieve what you want. If Google detects unethical techniques, a person or company can be banned from Google once detected, so they stay away from this.
A quick tip: It may take some extra work, but you may want to start with forming an online professional persona that you want people to see so that you can then use the links to those pages to optimize them to come up first in a search. Perhaps make sure that you use only your full name for your professional persona everywhere and a nickname that friends and family know for your personal online persona. This will easily separate the two. Don’t use your nickname in an interview or in a professional sense at all so that it will not come to anyone’s mind to search for information on you by using your nickname.
So now you have the ability to use SEO to your advantage and help you build an online persona that will make you and your company look good!
Are you going to utilize what Brandyourself.com has to offer to achieve the best search results?
Image Credit: Social Media Icons

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