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Top 5 Digital Marketing Techniques You Should Do For Your Business

Digital marketing is quickly gaining popularity due to its outreach and affordability. There are now some very low cost effective strategies out there that you need to be aware of because it involves being very aware of the ever changing digital market with the newest devices always offering some new way to reach your consumers.
Let’s look at these latest trends that you should be using right now for your business.
1. Geolocation Services. Social apps such as Foursquare, Ban.jo and Path as well as others are forms of geolocation services and are a great way to get important consumer data and then use it to effectively target consumers while they are standing right in front of you. According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, 28 percent of American adults use mobile and social location-based or “geosocial” services and 55 percent of smartphone owners use global positioning systems (GPS) for directions and recommendations of places to visit. Now you can use geolocation to send promotions and offers to your customers when they enter your store! Clickz.com has some great ways to use it to your advantage as a marketer.
2. New Types of Ad Formats. Now instead of taking advantage of the consumer’s time on the Internet, respect their time by letting them decide if they want to look at an ad. In-image ads will allow you to do that by giving the customer something visually enticing to look at and then if they choose to swipe the cursor over the image, then they will see your ad! Imagespacemedia.com offers some great variations of this type of advertising.
3. User-Generated Curation. A great example of this is Pinterest.com, where people pin-up what they like to a virtual online pinboard for all to see. Eighty percent of content shared on Pinterest is repined by others. It would be in your best interest to figure out how you can get your products on there so that people can repin and share it! Tumblr is another example of this except it links to blogs and 90 percent of the blogs on the site are curators and they are not producers of original content. Curating is merely a form of sharing content or images, such as when you share something on Facebook. Moxie Pulse can give you some great tips on how to use this to your advantage.
4. Interactive Ads Based on Format. What could be better than having the consumer want to interact with your ad to see what will happen? You can do this by formatting ads to the latest technological applications. Many companies are making iPad friendly ads where users can interact with an ad to see what happens and the user likes it because it is almost like playing a game or watching a short commercial. You can see great examples of this type of marketing if you download magazines to you iPad. Many ads that would be regular pictures in print now give you behind the scenes videos of the photo shoots for starters but there are many other interactive amenities to the ads as well including jumping to the product website and then back to your magazine. Elle Magazine for iPad has some great examples of this!
5. Cross-Platform Marketing Approach. Google commissioned Neilson to do research on what types of ads consumers respond to and it turns out that an integrated approach is best. In the study, consumers were asked to look at content on a TV set, a computer, a smartphone and a tablet. Some people did not see any video ads, while others saw the video ad on various combinations of screens. The results showed that for the groups that saw the video ad on all four kinds of screens, 74 percent remembered the brand name as opposed to 50 percent of the consumers who did not see the video in all four forms. This shows that is important to make an ad that is adaptable to all types of advertising mediums to get the best results.
Learning about all of these types of marketing techniques will enable you to take your company to heights it has not yet seen. You now have the capability of further outreach at your fingertips and should make sure to do all that are within your company’s budget. You can start small and work your way up to more advertising venues. Make sure to take advantage of the ones on this list that are virtually free or very low cost!
What will your first digital marketing campaign be?

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