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How to Utilize the New Facebook Timeline for your Business

Facebook made a change.
The new Facebook timeline had a lot of people and businesses worried about how they would maintain their marketing capabilities and the look and feel they liked with the old Facebook look. Now that people are getting more comfortable with it though, they are seeing what types of innovative techniques that they can do to make their Facebook profile unique. How can your company do this? Let’s take a look at what is available to you now with the new Facebook timeline.
Use imagery to pull your customers in. With the new timeline, now you can really put up photos that pop and really act as a billboard ad when they first visit your page. The new banner type image for the top of your company’s profile gives you a lot of room to work with! It is the best thing since Pinterest according to an articleon All Facebook.
According to the article, the new timeline helps companies by allowing:
A new format that incorporates design thinking;
The ability for brands to customize their pages to fit their message; and most importantly...
The ability for brands to make their pages personalized and relevant to consumers.
Show the history of your company. It gives your customers the opportunity to look back at all of your milestones. Now for some companies that have been around since before the 1800’s, this will be hard to show everything because the timeline doesn’t show pre-1800 history but it starts there and for many companies, that is more than enough. You can go back and fill in the gaps as well. It is very organized by year and easy to navigate by any portion in time you want to review.
Make your timeline interactive with customers. There are some great interactive stories on timelines already such as Coca-Cola’s page! They have people interact by filling in the blanks, voting contests and feel good questions that get many comments. Also, your company should be commenting back to show that you care about your customers thoughts. In fact, 95 percent of Facebook posts go unanswered by brands. Try to stand out by answering or reacting to your customer’s questions, good comments and bad comments.
Make the most of your posts. You cannot use the cover image to link to promotions or other web pages so you will have to make sure that your most important posts with this info will stay at the top of newsfeed for up to seven days! Doing this is called pinning a post. To pin a post, hover over the right corner of the post until a pencil appears. Click on it and chose "pin to top." You can also highlight content that you want to be sure that people will see. It can be your own or something that was posted by happy customers or visitors. In order to highlight the content, hover over the top, right corner and click on the star that appears. Experiment with pinning and highlighting and see what works best for you and engages your visitors. This and more great informative marketing techniques can be found at BlogHer.
No you know about some great new things to take advantage of on the new Facebook timeline and you can get to work on a more strategic social media experience with your customers.
How will you use the Facebook timeline to your advantage? Please let us know of any other innovative techniques you have found useful.
Image Credit: Mashable Facebook

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