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Facebook: The Power of "Like" Marketing

It’s no secret that Facebook is the top social media site today for its enormous reach through personal interaction and immediate engagement at all levels.
Currently, 845 million monthly active users create 2.7 billion “likes” every day and that number is expected to increase exponentially by this summer.
Chances are good that you’ve come in contact with Facebook’s “like” button at some point, or even more likely, daily. If you haven’t, you are probably wondering what the “like” button is. Here’s a little Facebook 101 for you. The “like” button is a small tab with a “thumbs up” sign used to express your interest or “like” on any Facebook comment, page, and content. Now that this button can easily be integrated into any medium or website, it is even commonly seen on emails, blog posts, videos, and more, not posted on Facebook, but that you may want to publicize to your profile. When you click “like,” you express your interest and support for a particular item to your entire network.
This “like” marketing is the word-of-mouth marketing of the social media world. For each person that clicks like, it now makes your page or content visible to their entire network! That one “like” can quickly turn into two, three, four, or more, when their friends see and like your content too. This rapid audience expansion is what marketers call the Facebook “multiplier effect.” Third-party endorsements are more effective and spread like wildfire on social media because people are more likely to trust friends than anyone else. Friends of fans visit brand sites much more often than the average internet user.
So, how can you harness the power of “like” marketing and make it work for you and your company?
  • Start with real connections. Making genuine connections first helps you build a solid base of real fans that will like and promote you and your business.
  • Take part in the conversation. Interacting with other people and pages on Facebook increases your exposure in an authentic way. Make sure you have real conversations, not marketing pitches or sales speak. Conversations spark participation and your interesting thoughts can easily make their way onto the pages of your fans and their friends.
  • Offer incentives for “sharing.” Many companies are offering rewards like discounts or participation in drawings if they share a post with their Facebook friends. This is a great way to reach new people and reward your loyal fans!
  • Add Facebook “like” buttons everywhere! Include quick and easy ways for your customers and visitors to like and share your content from your website, emails, and blogs.
  • Utilize your collateral. Make sure all of your marketing collateral promotes and supports your Facebook page and efforts.
For more information on the incredible power of Facebook “like” marketing, feel free to check out this infographic by KissMetrics. It illustrates how maximizing some of the above tips could lead to substantial rewards in your marketing strategies moving forward.
How are you leveraging the power of Facebook marketing and increasing your “likes?”

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