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10 Tips for Effective YouTube Marketing

Traditional marketing has always called for a multi-media approach utilizing radio, TV, newspaper advertising, etc, to build a complete marketing strategy.
With the introduction of Internet marketing, multi-media began to include online elements like websites, email, and banners ads. Then, social media came on the scene and completely changed the game with networking sites, blogs, and video websites like YouTube.
Today’s complete marketing strategy is more complex than ever before and requires all of the components mentioned above to build a successful strategy and campaign. Most businesses are becoming increasingly comfortable and active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, however many still shy away from YouTube. Sure, everyone looks at the viral video of the day for a good laugh, but there tends to still be a bit of apprehension about including YouTube in your marketing plan. Why? Likely, it’s the fear of the unknown. Are you and your company one of the hesitant ones? No worries, here are:

10 top tips for effective YouTube marketing.

1. Start small! Get your feet wet! You don’t have to start creating videos to have a YouTube presence at the beginning. Begin commenting on other videos, rating them, building playlists of your favorite videos, and sharing some of the top videos that relate to your business and industry.
2. Brand your channel. Take the time to set up your channel to highlight the image of your company.
3. Quality, quality, quality. All marketing is a reflection of your business and videos are no different. While you don’t have to go out and hire a production company for each video, you still should make sure that they are all of a high quality and consistent with your brand.
4. Content is king! As with anything in social media, strong and unique content is essential and it is that vital content that gets viewed and shared.
5. Tag it! Tag your videos and incorporate YouTube keywords that get results.
6. Short and sweet. Just because YouTube will allow you to upload a 15-minute video, doesn’t mean it is a good idea, especially for businesses. A good rule of thumb is to keep videos about 30 seconds. Some people won’t even look at it a video if it is much longer than a minute. Attention spans are very short when it comes to any marketing avenue, and YouTube is no different.
7. Call your viewers to action. What do you want people to do as a result of watching your video? Incentives and promotions are a great idea to include at the end of the presentation and on your channel.
8. Promote your channel and videos. Cross promotion is essential. Post your recent video on your Facebook page, tweet it, include a link in your blog, or reference your channel in an email campaign.
9. Track your stats. YouTube offers free analytics to track the activity on your channel. Incorporate this with other tracking programs such as Clicky Web Analytics to gain valuable insights into your visitors.
10. Maintain your channel. Don’t let your channel get stale. Make sure to keep it up-to-date and fresh!
How do you maximize your YouTube marketing? What other tips can you offer?

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