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10 Things to Look For In a Remote Backup Provider

Disaster lurks around every corner and threatens the security of your businesses’ data.
Internal and external, natural and man-made, whatever the disaster you face, it could put the life of your business at risk. More than 50 percent of businesses have experienced non-recoverable data loss at one time. Small businesses need their data to keep running so a loss of any data could be catastrophic.
So, how do businesses protect themselves? Backup, backup, backup. While backing up is law, there are options to your data storage.
Remote backup providers store your files in a separate location from the original data so when crisis strikes, you don’t lose everything. Remote backup is automatic and doesn’t require any user intervention, change of tapes, CDs, or anything else manual. Plus, most times, your data storage has no retention limit. Sold on an online or remote backup provider now?
Well, it is easy to find a provider, but you have to make sure you find the right one for your needs. According to an article on the website TopWebHostReview.com, there are nine key considerations when selecting your remote or online backup provider.


First things first, define your budget. Costs vary from one company to another and depend on the functions and features that you require such as the amount of data to be backed up, number of machines, and more.

High-end system or free trial

A free trial may give you a test drive, but, if you want your data to be secure, go for a high-end premium service.

Managed vs. unmanaged

A managed backup provides support in organizing your initial back up, helps you in recovering data, and continuously monitors your backup. While this sounds great, it does come with a larger price tag.

Common features

All online backup services have a list of common features. Make sure the ones that you research have most of the important features that you’ve determined your company really needs.

Scheduled or continuous backup

The provider you choose should backup your data on a set schedule that you set or you can opt to have it continuously updated which may increase cost.


Your data needs to be encrypted before it is sent through the internet to your provider. This will ensure security. The encryption of your data should be a minimum of 256 bits with the option to use your own key.

File restoration

If you can’t restore a file on your own, without the provider, look elsewhere.


How much bandwidth will your backup take from your other systems? To ensure that you aren’t taking away from other essential activities, your provider should allow you to set bandwidth limitations for different times of the day.


In order to minimize bandwidth usage, data compression is necessary but you need to make sure it won’t cause a loss of data.
The final consideration is my bonus, #10. Make sure that your provider can also backup mobile and email data.
There is no one size fits all when it comes to backup data service providers. Research and select the provider that meets the needs of your business.
Do you have a remote backup data provider? How did you select your provider?

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